Sunday, October 09, 2005

HIV Disclosure case

The "not guilty" decision in the case of an HIV positive man charged with criminal nuisance for not disclosing his status during protected vaginal intercourse and unprotected oral sex is good news for all HIV Positive people in New Zealand.

The decision means an HIV positive person does not need to disclose their status if they take appropriate precautions eg uses a condom for anal or vaginal intercourse. The law still makes an offence to have unprotected sex without disclosure.

Lots of discussion in the media about the morality of when one should disclose from the NZAF welcoming the decision to Family Life International seeing the decision as the proof of the moral decay of the New Zealand family.

In more disturbing news it looks like New Zealand is following the overseas trend with an upsurge in the number gay men testing positive. While the Sunday Star Times is a bit dramatic -
HIV - now it's our most deadly computer virus - it discusses an important issue for all sexually active people, especially men who have sex with men.

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