Sunday, February 24, 2008

Four new kiwi blogs

Four new kiwi gay blogs have just been launched on

David Herkt - Works for Me

David is well remember from the nz.soc.queer newsgroup during the 90s writing his Regular Saturday Morning Post.

He has undertaken a number of projects - best covered by Poneke's review of David's new blog.

His first post is direct and to the point wondering what has happened to HIV campaigns and has already generated comments.

David's post as always will be interesting and often provocative.

Michael Stevens - The Gay Blade

Michael is well known in Auckland and his blog reflects this. His first two posts support NZAF against criticism from Express Newspaper. His next post is about HERO and wonders what has happened to it.

Craig Young - Proclamations of the Red Queen

Craig has written extensively online about religion and politics and the glbt communities. Already a number of posts covering a range of topics. Craig is already a major contributor on

Kitten Power - Listen Up

Here is a new voice which I haven't seen before - and good to see a 20's dyke posting - I will be watching her blog with interest.