Sunday, February 01, 2009

I'm not gay ok

The tabloid's have decided it is time again to try to "out" a well known ex Australian Olympic swimmer.

He has been very private about his personal life which of course only makes the tabloids more curious.

So what evidence have they got - a photo of him and a male friend coming out of the beach.

Nothing else, no steaming male to male kissing, naked romps, zilch.

Having retired over a year ago from sporting competitions you would think the tabloids would have lost interested but they seem to determine to continue to speculate.

My personal view is that gay people should come out but at their own leisure. The only reason to potential OUT anyone is if they are been hypocrital - no different to an anti-gambler crusader who is a gambler.

This article from Gaylife is a good summary of the issues in outing celebrities.