Saturday, November 03, 2007

My kind of Homo: Dan Matthews

Dan Matthews was recently on ABC National Radio Morning Breakfast and then the next day on National Radio Saturday Morning with Kim Hill.

Dan Matthews is vice-president of animal rights activist organisation PETA. While you may not always agree with some of his comments he came accross as a committed, thoughtful and concerned person.

He was promoting his book Committed but also explored some interesting and thought provoking discussion around animal rights and some of the events that PETA have organised.

The Radio New Zealand broadcast can be heard here (not sure how long it will be there for) .

His most controversial point is around animal testing for an HIV Vaccine and medications. He is opposed to it and sees it as money misdirected. Instead he wants money spent on education on how to prevent HIV spreading. Of course given the American lack of spending on HIV Prevention it is more understand his comments though many would disagree with them.

Listening to the interview he came across as a provocative, thought provoking and committed individual and while not agreeing with all his views I came to the conclusion he is my type of "Homo"!

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