Saturday, May 24, 2008

First Australian Women Bishop

The Australian Anglican church finally has consecrated a women Bishop bringing it as some commentators have said into the 20th century.

Of course Sydney’s Archbishop Peter Jensen did not attend the consecration.

Of course the usual conservative elements have warned of doom and gloom with one Bishop Harry Entwistle saying:

An Anglican splinter group has warned that the consecration of Perth Archdeacon Kay Goldsworthy as Australia’s first woman bishop tonight will pave the way for the appointment of openly gay priests and further deepen the rift between Church factions.

He said openly gay clergy would follow female bishops “as night follows day”, as had been the case in some parts of the US and Canada.
What is so funny about his comments is that he uses the the words "openly gay" (or was that just a misquote.)

If it isn't then one has to assume he thinks closeted gay men are ok (or maybe if they are celibate) but certainly not if they have an actual male partner and are honest about that fact.

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