Monday, June 09, 2008

Police drop charges against Bill Henson

As I speculated when they seized Bill Henson's photos police have decided not proceed with prosecution.

Interesting the police finally have acknowledged they received only 3 complaints and that the case was likely to be fraught with difficulty. Basically instead of going to the censor for advice they seemed to be driven by talk back radio hysteria. Of course Hetty Johnston wasn't satisfied and the politicians didn't act much better.

In further news this week the arrest of a number of men who accessed child pornography and were been arrested in the past week. The men charged include a police man. Worse still was the disgusting outburst from the Queensland National MP, Vaughan Johnson. This MP seems to pandering to the talk back lynch mob mentality.

I have to agree with Terry O'Gorman, vice-president of the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties who said:

"Politicians are supposed to provide some leadership. He is happy to lead from the gutter and he should be seen in that light."
In addition a senior police official was arrested this week for conspiring to import drugs.

Hopefully the media and the politicians will let this suspect get a fair trial.

Finally lets not forget the actions of NSW Education Minister John Della Bosca and his wife, local federal MP Belinda Neal.

Oh you have to love Australia sometime!


Anonymous said...

"Of course Hetty Johnston wasn't satisfied and the politicians didn't act much better."

It's child pornography in Britain,

you have 300,000 people transacting in Oz, that figure is despite the best efforts by the pro-porn people to steer cops and angle sex-posi feminists to their cause, and indeed Henson's.

For example, that little nook in Croatia, Operation Centurion , had ten times more Oz suspects, than the total for one of Alison Croggon's NewMatilda cites, itself a by-factor of the 'Porn Report' people, which is completely error ridden nonsense.

That Croatian net-link, had more hits ion a few days than major broadcasters did on their Oz news web-sites, and it isn't even close to be one percent.

In London, Bill Henson does it, he gets arrested.

Being cleared by the Oz classification board is like a reference from Larry Flynt, it is not true world stuff, it is a pro-pedophile position.

Henson was one of the people we had in mind when we were revamping our child pornography laws.

My advice is keep gay stuff away from Henson, no point inviting folks to associate Queerdom with pro-pedophilia.

Henson, is under a cloud, he has immunity in his mucky little pond, however he is a discredited photographer in other parts of the world.

In the UK a sample of indecent images of children, produced 14 millon transactions over three years, that's the tip of the iceberg there.

Also, in relation to Alison's newmatilda cite, teachers in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada would clock for their global internet 'pedophile' total.

So if one accepts that low pro-porn estimate, I could make a fair whack of it up just using real cases and teachers.

The FBI are in despair, there will be a backlash, with this entire CP thing, let Henson and people like him, and his hypocritical obfuscating friends handle it,

That's a train the gay people don't need to be in front of, because the hypocrites will blame gays, before they'll look at their own sordid track records.

When Joe Public finds out that there are 300,000 pedophiles running wild in Oz, with little hope of catching them, they're going to want people caught.

Be on the righteous side is my advice, it's good politics. Henson's isn't that talented, his lighting looks like an accident.

Gregory Carlin

Irish Anti-Trafficking Coalition

Unknown said...

Some interesting comments from the "Irish Anti-Trafficking Coalition". I have tried to find a website to link to the but can't seem to find one however the google search will provide some background on what this overseas organisation is about.