Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ignorance alive and well

Two recent and unrelated outbursts connecting been gay with been a pedophile shows prejudice and ignorance is alive and well in both New Zealand and Australia.

The outburst in New Zealand was not that surprising coming from Garth Taylor - a member of a conservative Christian group in small town New Zealand.

"They are offering a gay service as well. Most paedophiles are homosexuals, and you know we don't want to bring that here. " - Residents revolt at the idea of a brothel
Mr Taylor clearly shows his ignorance and prejudices.

Even worse however was Jeff Kennett's comments supporting the sacking of a gay trainer.

Mr Kennett said it was as if the club had a pedophile trainer.

"It's the same if you have a pedophile there as a masseur, right?"

"And you might say the pedophile would do no damage, but once it was pointed out to you, you have a duty of care to those underage children not to put them in a situation of risk."

As a former Liberal premier of Victoria one wouldn't expect this sort of nonsense been spouted from his mouth equating been gay with been a pedophile.

Ken Campagnolo is has taken the Bonnie Doon Football Club to court for been sacked for been gay was appalled by Kennett's comments.

"I am not a pedophile. Does that mean every straight male doctor cannot treat any female patient?" he said.

Sadly Kennett's comments shows homophobia is alive and well in Australia.

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