Monday, July 07, 2008

Simply Queer

I stumbled on this new blog - Simply Queer - I have really enjoyed reading it - it speaks of a positive attitude to life which touched me and reminded me of the joy of living.

It is easy at times to get worn down with day to day life but it is the little things that touch you. It was like when I was back in New Zealand for my father's funeral that the warmth of family friends who I hadn't seen for 20 plus years reminded me of the importance of community.

It is sometimes easy when you live in a large city like Sydney to feel isolated from the rest of the world. Oh you have work and friends but your social circle is tight and limited. When you go back to a small town you find people generally warm and welcoming.

I think that is why New Zealand has moved ahead of Australia in recognition of gay rights in that New Zealand is one small community - it isn't six degrees of separation but two - so everyone knows someone who knows someone who is gay. It might be their aunt or uncle, brother or sister or a close friend. That is why you can drive through small towns and find a rainbow flag and a small cafe operated by two gay guys, etc.

I just feels so reaffirming of humanity that the acceptance is there. It also means those who try to decry gays as evil have less of a hearing.

Yes small towns can be someone hard to grow up and can at times feel stiffling they do offer some opportunities if you are willing to be open about who you are.

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