Sunday, December 16, 2007

Beware of the Lavendar Mafia

Christopher Pearson latest opinion piece on moves for Civil Unions in the ACT would be laughable if he didn't believe what he wrote.

With the headline "Arrest this abomination" he makes some sweeping statements as follows.

The first misconception to nail is that the opposition to gay marriage is a homophobic response. Insisting that, in terms of universal human values, the marital union of a woman and a man is qualitatively different from other intimate relationships cannot sensibly be construed as anti-homosexual. Resisting the libertarian rhetorical assertion of moral equivalence between straight and gay relationships is not the same as condemning the latter.
Funny how those who oppose gay marriage and civil unions always claim that they are not homophobic but marriage is only available to heterosexual couples.

He then goes on:
From a conservative Christian perspective, the survival of our civilisation depends on societies where stable, fruitful marriages are the norm and the state intervenes proactively in their support.
Again the classic argument against gay marriage. If he really believed this then those who cannot have children should be banned from marriage. And of course lets not forget a lot of gay and lesbian couples have children.

The next statement is the funniest

When the law allows civil unions and ceremonies that, as the ALP's pre-election undertaking puts it, "mimic marriage", it sends out all the wrong signals, especially to the young and impressionable, and to people whose sexuality is at its most fluid.

There are lessons to be learned here from the hardball tactics gay activists engaged in, playing the politics of identity. Think of all the boys and girls who would once have been understood to be "going through a phase" in late adolescence, and who were as often as not given tea and sympathy and time to sort things out.

By the late 1960s the lavender mafia was on hand, looking for new recruits and dispensing a one-size-fits-all, ready-made gay identity to anyone remotely interested. Who knows how many of the denizens of Sydney's Oxford Street really belong there and how many were encouraged to reach premature conclusions about their nature and their needs?

This has to be the funniest statement I have read. Firstly he ignores the fact that a lot of gay and lesbian's were married and leading a double life (and a number of people still do). The second he associates gay life with Oxford Street which is only a small part of the gay and lesbian spectrum of people.

Oh and I love the "lavendar mafia" statement!

As for Christopher Pearson read his profile at SourceWatch and you will discover who he really is

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