Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some NZ gay online diversions

Looking for short book to read then check out Eve and Adam in Suburbia

A novel about love, friendship and infidelity. Covering a period of 2.5 years, it follows the comical and dramatic events that lead neighbors Eve and Julien to an important decision: should they leave their cheating partners, Adam and Romeo, or not? The story shows suburbia as a modern-day Garden of Eden, where men, rather than women, are enticed to be naughty. Romeo’s temptation comes from bisexual bus driver Nick, whose wife Cynthia seduces Adam.When Eve and Julien discover these indiscretions, they initially attempt to hide them, until they realize they need each other’s help to make up their minds about the future. In the background, Eve’s single sister Dawn takes her religious devotion to, literally, insane levels. This is a problem, since Eve appointed Dawn in her will as guardians to her twins.

Planet Franck:

For another Auckland gay blog check out Uroskin's blog - Put 'em all on an island

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