Thursday, December 20, 2007

Deena Pawson you are the weakest link

Not only was Deena Pawson not smart to post critical comments about her workplace on her Bebo profile as follows:

“well work sucks, guyfawkes are coming up, and we have to close @ midnight, which is totally gay.. like the frickn management there! and OMG the GOSSIPS! zOmG, i dnt nO eNgLISh1!!!oneoneexclamationmark!!!! LOL LOL
An employment lawyer commented that reading the comment that the word gay = crappy.

OUTLine NZ's general manager Neil Denney was reported in as saying:
Although the user does not recognise any sexual connection to the word [gay], it is still there and the word is still as harmful when commonly used as a tool against a minority,"
"As an organisation, OUTLine NZ cannot agree that the word 'gay' has a meaning of "crappy" under any circumstance."
Of course it is nothing new the word "gay" is continuing to move and the saying "Oh that so gay" crept into use during the late 90s to mean that is so stupid as opposed to really gay.

Still an insult though but does it offend?

What about young people struggling with their sexuality. Does it make it harder for them.

So put some comments below.

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